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Are Wii Like Nordstrom's?

February 15, 2007
Originally published in the QSR Side Order Newsletter

While Nordstrom's has been written about as a benchmark in customer service, let's put a twist on it - the new Nintendo Wii gaming system. As I ‘experience' those 2 companies' products and/or service, their success factors are easily transferred to the QSR industry:

1) Do the little things - Nordstrom's salespeople walk out from behind the counter to give you your purchase -it's a nice little touch people remember. What ‘little touches' can you deliver? Simple things such as repeating the order, making eye contact, personalizing the visit, describing the food as it is given to the customer, drink refills and so on.
2) Limit the choices - Ask for a pair of shoes to try on at Nordstrom's and you'll likely get 3-4 options. The salespeople are narrowing down the choices from ‘everything'. Once you've given them a clue of what you want, they bring some complementary options. Use this approach to sell - let the customer order and then offer a few items to enhance their purchase whether it's dessert, larger sized drinks, combo meals or other options you have. When asked ‘what's good here?' the answer isn't ‘everything.' Instead, say ‘I was hoping you would ask' and provide some options to narrow their choices.
3) Make the experience interactive - the new Wii gaming system is a break in traditional thinking from past gaming systems and they can't keep them on the shelves. Interactive experiences to engage the user. Are you engaging your customer? If not, break from the ho-hum and offer something unique: from the marketing message and product offerings to your service style and packaging.

Three simple things to mimic from industry leaders in totally unrelated segments from the QSR niche. Can you do it? Yes, Wii can!