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Are You Boise State?

January 15, 2007
Originally published in the QSR Side Order Newsletter

If you didn't see the exciting Cinderella finish to the Boise State-Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl recently, you've likely heard how Boise State executed multiple trick plays to perfection to tie the game with 7 seconds left and win in overtime. How did they do it?

Boise State does not have the national ‘football powerhouse' reputation of larger, more-storied programs. They can't attract the talent those programs do. Sound familiar? The competition offers more than we do, we can't play with the big chains, etc. Guess what...the little guy can win.

Boise State had the #73 and 72 ranked recruiting classes in 2003 and 2004. That means over 70 teams got better talent than they did, yet they finished this season as the only undefeated Division I team with many of those kids.

So what can you take away from their story?

• The best talent doesn't always make the best team - coaching and systems play a HUGE role. By designing better systems (or plays in Boise State's case) than the competition, you can still win.
• Creating belief in the team can help will you to victory. What is the morale like in your restaurant? Do you motivate the team or spread the negativity virus?
• Take a chance; don't always play it safe - Boise State could have kicked an extra point in overtime to tie and go into the second overtime but instead went for 2 and won the game. Try some new ideas, be creative, don't imitate the competition, dominate them by being unique, different and BOLD! Starts with operations and services and is leveraged by creative marketing. Heck, Boise State plays on BLUE artificial different!
• Train, train, train - Boise State had to rely on a number of trick plays to win. Had they practiced them before? Many, many times. Unfortunately, in our business, we don't train for various situations in advance and are ill-prepared when the customers arrive. Their coach had the confidence his team would execute the plays designed and be successful. Many others would have played it safe due to lack of confidence in the team. Train in advance and succeed!

Be the Boise State in your area!