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Finally, a blend of high tech and high touch training. p.o.d.Training™ is a training company, not a technology company. We help you determine the critical path of training success and the essence of excellence in your training program and then put them into short video/audio clip playlists in a Portable Video Device.

Move over e-learning – it's time for p.o.d.Training™! Today's generation learns dramatically different than any other. They don't want to know information, but rather, know where to find it. Use the tool of today's generation, Portable Video Devices. Put training where it's needed – on the frontline or in their hands. Portable Video Devices help keep materials easily updated and available at the click of the wheel. We call this process i-Learning™ - allowing the learner to view only the content they need to provide customizable training right in the palm of their hand. That's podTraining!

Get rid of dated videos and DVDs nobody watches after their first week of employment - it's time for p.o.d.Training™ - an innovative training solution to help make a manager's job easier and more effective. If you already have an e-learning solution to deliver content and track progress, great! p.o.d.Training™ is the perfect complement to the system and leverage the investment.

p.o.d.Training™ was founded by TJ Schier, service professional, consultant and speaker with over 20 years experience in operations and training.

Click Here to visit the p.o.d.Training Website.